Building innovation that

adapts optimise scales

Mindstorm Consulting is a training and consulting firm that helps organisation innovate and build value

Unique  methodology from discovery to scale

We have developed our own unique innovation methodology based on years of practice

We can train and coach your team through a series of activities to innovate and grow your business. 
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We can collaborate with your team to co-develop and conduct a series of sprints that will allow them to kick start their innovation journey through practice. 
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We develop and conduct innovation activities and create go-to-market strategies for you. 
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Our value proposition

We continue to build our expertise in new and emerging areas to bring our clients new innovations and methodology

Working templates

Get access to practical working templates and worksheets developed to simplify your work and assist you in your learning journey

Case study teaching

Popularised by Harvard Business School, our teaching methodology incorporates case study teaching to enhance critical thinking skills

Peer Learning

Peer learning is enforced through group discussions and practical implementation of theoretical frameworks and models

Industry Experts

Our learning material have been developed with entrepreneurs who have years of experience in entrepreneurship and business building.

Trusted by major and forward thinking organisations