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HRDF/HRD CORP Claimable Training Courses 2024

Did you know that if you did not claim your levy contribution after 2 (two) years, it will be forfeited?.  Leverage on your levy grant now to reskill and upskill your staff.
The rise of exponential technology has created a business environment that is disruptive and chaotic.  As the business environment moves from one of scarcity to abundance, companies have to adapt quickly to the changing environment.
Traditional business models have to change, old age thinking has to be discarded to build business sustainability in the new digital world.  The business models of yester-years have to be adapted to new business models to take advantage of exponential technologies such as AI, robotics, 3D printing.  Concept such as staff on demand and leveraging on asset is now a reality.  Some of the fastest growing organisations have understood this well and taken advantage to grow apart from their competitor.
While understanding new concepts, business models, marketing techniques and ‘technical’ skills are important, equally important is our soft skills.
Our leadership ability, critical thinking, problem-solving and managing performance and teams now need to be elevated to another level.  Our traditional way of thinking has to be discarded and improved on to make capitalize on the new digital world. 

Our Programs

Leadership Development

Our Leadership development programs enhance skills, strategic thinking, and management practices, empowering individuals to lead teams and achieve organizational goals

Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing programs develop skills in strategy, customer engagement, and market analysis, driving business growth and competitive advantage.

Team Building

Enhance collaboration, communication, and trust among team members, fostering a cohesive and productive work environment through our team building programs

Change Management

Change management programs equip individuals with tools and strategies to effectively navigate and lead organizational changes, ensuring smooth transitions and success.

Organisational Behaviour

Study employee dynamics, motivation, and culture, aiming to improve workplace productivity, teamwork, and overall organizational effectiveness

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Foster creativity, strategic thinking, and business skills, empowering individuals to launch and grow successful ventures

Digitisation and Digitalisation

Our digitisation and digitalisation programs transform processes and systems, enhancing efficiency, data accuracy, and enabling innovative digital solutions within organizations

Human Capital Development

Our human capital development programs enhance skills, knowledge, and abilities, fostering growth and productivity to drive organizational success and individual career advancement

Personal Development

Enhance your skills, self-awareness, and growth, empowering individuals to achieve personal and professional goals.

Workplace Essentials

Workplace essentials programs focuses on enhancing core skills, professionalism, and effective communication, ensuring employees thrive in their roles and contribute to success.

Management and Supervisory Skills Development

Management and supervisory skills development programs focus on enhancing leadership, communication, and decision-making abilities for effective team and organizational management.