Visual Business Strategy Development for the VUCA Environment

Build a visual map to understand the causal links between key elements in your strategy


A step-by-step visual approach towards strategic development to facilitate collaboration and team development

The competitiveness of today’s market has forced organisation to work with a network of stakeholders creating a complex interconnection of factors which makes it difficult in seeing “the big picture” and to understand areas of critical improvement, mismatch or areas of strength for organisations.

This may eventually result in a complex strategy of the organization which will eventually lead to difficulties in  implementation, team collaboration and  performance management

This specially developed 2-day workshop will provide participants with a framework and toolkits to help systematically build a strategic plan for organizations to see the ‘whole picture’

Participants are guided through the strategy development process using a combination of visual thinking techniques including mind-mapping, context mapping, relationship mapping and other visual techniques to develop a visual representation of their business strategy enabling them to align their process and infrastructure to support the business


How will our Visual Business Strategy Development program benefit your organisation?

Guided worksheet

Get access to our customised worksheets developed to help you with a stuctured thinking approach that is repeatable. The worksheets are developed with an aim towards building a holistic strategy for your organisation

Peer-to-peer learning

Our training methodology allows participants to discuss and learn from each other exposing them to new situations and experiences. Learning from other participants will enable access to various viewpoints

Strategy Maps

Build strategy maps that links critical factors to understand the cause and effect chain

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration will be enhanced through collaborative discussion and brainstorming resulting in holistic strategies

Industry relevant content

Developed in line with changes in the environment, our content are relevant to today's modern businesses. It has been curated through discussion with other experts to ensure it is relevant to today's environment


Visual Business Strategy Development

This training workshop is designed as a two-day workshop, delivering the correct fundamentals to participants to learn how to develop effective organisational strategies using the latest key management tools.  The workshop will be a hands-on, activity-based workshop that will take participants through work using either their own organisation as a back-drop if permitted or a case study to develop their business strategies.

Participants will apply what they learn through a series of activities.  At the end of the workshop, participants will be expected to develop a meaningful visual strategy canvas

Understand key building blocks for developing an effective business strategy.  This is especially important for today’s business as the environment changes rapidly.  

Understand today’s chaotic and ambiguous environment enables one to understand the influences which must be considered to developed a robust and holistic strategy.

This module provides the participant of how changes in the VUCA environment will influence the development of strategies

The use of management tools is important as a means to cultivate critical thinking and provide a structured approach towards strategic development

This module exposes participants to more than 10 key management tools which can be used to develop their strategies.

This module introduces the participants with a unique strategic canvas on which they are able to see the cause and effect chain among all the various key influencing attributes in their strategy to be able to plan their implementation effectively

Participants will be introduced to a step-by-step strategic development methodology which will enable them to replicate the process repeatedly and to ensure all variables are considered in the development process

Participants will be taught on how to analyse current and existing gaps within their current strategy and how to plan to narrow the gaps

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