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02nd June 2020 at 8.30pm

This course breaks down the complexity of analysis and synthesizing journals into a few easy to follow steps.

You won't lose your way again with easy to use and unique templates to crystallize your thoughts

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Although we have paid programs, this seminar is not meant to sell any of our paid programs but rather to give you an introduction packed with tips to show how you can improve your academic writing skills by improving your thinking process. Participants who are interested to learn more may wish to sign up for the paid programs.

We will share how cognitive biases will influence the way you think and hence limit your academic writing skills and also a simple methodology that you can apply to improve your thinking and academic writing skills.

Yes the taught program will be taught online. There will be 4 live sessions with each session about 60-90 minutes long. In addition, participants will have life-long access to the online platform where you can access templates, worksheets and reading articles. Participants will also be paid of our alumni where you will be updated with new information should they become available and be invited to free knowledge sessions to be held on a periodic basis.

This program has been conducted for some time now and we have had tremendous feedback from all our previous participants. The techniques taught are practical in nature and participant are given worksheets and templates to help them in their journey as well as case studies to show them the how and the why. Our Lead Instructor, Dr Tom, has over 15 years of teaching experience throughout his 35 years career and understands lifestyle of the working professional undertaking their postgraduate studies. He has developed this program to be practical and to suit the demand of today’s working professional taking their postgraduate studies having taught thousands of students and supervised hundreds of students in completing their post-graduate studies. In this course, he will provide a lot of practical tips and shares his experiences that he himself went through in completing his own postgraduate journey.

The paid program has been priced at a super affordable rate of approximately RM 50 per hour, less that what you would pay for your son’s or daughter’s tuition. A similar course conducted elsewhere could cost 2 to 3 times more. The reason for the super affordable price is really to teach as many people as possible on how to improve their academic thinking and writing skills which they can also apply in their workplace. The price is just enough to cover the monthly operating cost that every business has to sustain.

Dr Tom Tan has been working for the last 35 years. His love of teaching has led him to teach on a part time basis since the late 90’s. Through his career, he has started a college as well as a full-status university so he understands well the academic as well as the professional business environment. Through his years of teaching thousands of students and supervising their final project, he noted the difficulties of students in adapting to the academic world especially those who have been working for some time. This has also happen to him when he started his own postgraduate journey. Therefore in trying to help future postgraduate students in improving their critical thinking in an academic context and improving their academic writing skills, he has developed this 4 session course and have taught over hundreds of students with his unique approach.

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