Innovate smarter

& build high retention products

Game Thinking is a proven innovation system based on techniques from hit games.

By working on genre-defining games like The SimsRock Band, and Ultima Online, Game Thinking pioneer Amy Jo Kim learned that customers stick with products that help them get better at something they care about.

If you’re looking for a powerful approach that synthesizes modern product development with world-class game design –  and a toolkit to help you innovate smarter and drive engagement from the ground up – you’ve found it.

Leading companies like Disney, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Netflix, and the New York Times use Game Thinking to design mission-critical products & games. And you can too. 

Amy Jo Kim, Founder of Game Thinking Academy 



Game Thinking: Beyond Design Thinking

Learn a step-by-step proven methodology used by the biggest modern companies in the world today

Do you want to innovate faster and smarter?

The proliferation of technology has disrupted the way businesses are conducted.  New business models have emerged, the concept of marketing has evolved and more distinctively, consumer behaviour has changed.  In today’s VUCA environment, innovation of products and services has become the norm for organization to out-compete and out-grow their competition.

However, the process of innovation is not a simple process and likely fraught with challenges and if done incorrectly may be a costly exercise.  Many companies are forced to innovate as they struggle to compete in today’s competitive business environment but are unsure of how to begin or worse still, spend the time innovating only to see their innovation fail when it is pushed out to the market.

So, is there a systematic step-by-step process where innovation can be done faster and smarter and where products which people love and come back to can be built?  The answer lies in  GAME THINKING

Game Thinking is a synthesis of game design, systems thinking, Agile/Lean UX & design thinking which aims to accelerate innovation and drive sustained engagement. World-renowned social game designer, community architect & startup coach, Amy Jo Kim founded Game Thinking Academy to help entrepreneurs & innovators to 10x their product and experience design through Game Thinking. Game Thinking helps companies to innovate and design new and unique experience either employee or customer. Thousands of entrepreneurs have leveraged Game Thinking to innovate faster and smarter and build products people love and come back to.

This unique Game Thinking Methodology is now brought to Malaysia jointly by Mindstorm Consulting and E-Learningminds.  Gain a US Certification from Game Thinking Academy upon completion of this course.


What can you expect from our program?

Guided worksheet

Get access to our CUSTOMISED WORKSHEETS developed to help you with a stuctured approach that is repeatable. The worksheets are developed with an aim towards building a holistic strategy for your organisation

Peer-to-peer learning

Our program allows participants to discuss and learn from each other exposing them to new situations and experiences. Learning from other participants will enable access to various viewpoints


You will be able to participate in a series of LIVE COACHING classes throughout the program where you will be learning new content as well as get live feedback on your work completed


You will have ACCESS TO OVER 20 VIDEOS taking you through concepts and ideas of the Game Thinking methodology. These videos are accessible by you 24x7 throughout the duration of the course

Latest content

Developed in line with changes in the environment, our content are relevant to today's modern businesses. It has been curated through discussion with other experts to ensure it is relevant to today's business environment

Get a certification from Silicon Valley


Game Thinking: Beyond Design Thinking

Building a sustainable product or service today requires an approach that breaks the traditional order of innovation.  Our hybrid learning model has been developed through a modular approach which allows you to focus on any one particular area if you wish or to follow a structured approach.  Through the live discussions you will be exposed to new concepts as well as understand how to apply the concepts using  customised worksheets.



Workshop Dates:-

Nov 15, 2021 – Workshop 1 (9am – 1pm)

Nov 18, 2021 – Workshop 2 (9am – 1pm)

Nov 22, 2021 – Workshop 3 (9am – 1pm)

Nov 25, 2021 – Workshop 4 (9am – 1pm)

The program consist of a combination of self-paced learning as well as 4 live half day online classes conducted over 2 weeks. 

Participants will be provided with a Game Thinking Playbook on which they will be able to practice their learnings and apply it to their innovation.



Technology has decimated industries, created new business as well as transformed business models.

This module explores the influences of exponential technology and how it can influence the transformation of businesses to grow at an exponential rate.

Understand what is Game Thinking and learn the powerful concepts behind this methodology

Learn the foundation behind what makes an innovation successful

Understand what is a superfan and who they are.  Learn how you will be able to find your superfans

In today’s abundant environment, the ability to innovate is an important skills that will help you build a sustainable business.  Learn how to develop innovative products through the matching of resources and the environment to identify potential areas of solutioning

Learn how to build a compelling engagement loop to keep your customers coming back for more

Discover how to validate your hypotheses to ensure you are building a product to meet your customer’s underserved needs

Learn the unique Game Thinking approach to understanding your competitors

Who is it for?

  • Department Heads
  • Innovation Managers/Executives
  • Design Thinking Lead/Executive
  • Product Manager/Executive
  • Product Marketer


Your Lead Instructor

As the lead mentor, Dr Tom has more than 35 years of working experience and more than 15 years of training and coaching experience. He has led teams in leadership and organizational transformation as well as change management as a result of digitization of organisations and have led both local and foreign staff through his exposure working in Malaysia, Thailand and China.  He understands both technology as well as business and is able to synthesize the impact of technology in today’s business. In addition to training corporates, he has also taught thousands of students at the undergraduate and post-graduate level in areas such as strategy management, human resource, information management, marketing, international business, project management.  As part of his 35 years, he has been involved in corporate training, coaching and lecturing for more than 15 years and has developed key programs that are fundamental to organisational development in the areas of system thinking, e-commerce, e-business as well as IT and business strategies and has trained organisations like MAGIC, SME Corp, Greenpacket, MYNIC, XL Axiata Indonesia, MDEC, Columbia Hospital, Telekom Malaysia and many others.

His experiences has led him to be selected as a business coach for the Malaysian Innovation Foundation as well as the United Nations Capital Development Fund where he coaches grass roots entrepreneurs on the commercialisation of their products. He is also selected as a coach by MDEC for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation) and is one of three people selected by British Computer Society and working with MDEC to be an external assessor for Computational Thinking.  He completed his Doctorate of Business Administration from University of Newcastle, Australia specialising in online consumer behaviour in 2010 and holds a Certification on ‘Case Study Teaching Method’ taught by Harvard Business School and organized by Harvard Business Publishing and Indian Institute of Management.  He is also a Certified GrowthX Instructor, Certified ExO Consultant, Certified ExO Trainer and Certified Game Thinking Coach with all certification from Silicon Valley, USA.  

Dr Tom also currently acts as the Academic Advisor for SME Association Academy as well as plays an advisory role for SEATECH Ventures Corp, a company listed on the OTC market in the USA.

Your Co-Instructor

Jaxton Cheah is a Gamification Advocate in Malaysia. He works with many reputable gamification experts in the United States and as Amy Jo Kim, Yu-Kai Chou, Pete Jenkins, and An Coppens to promote Game Thinking & Gamification in the South East Asia (SEA) region. He was recruited by Amy Jo Kim, the founder of (GTA) to be the GTA coach.

He is also a GamFed (International Gamification Federation) member and actively promote gamification best practices especially in Malaysia. He also produces two annual national conferences – Game Thinking Asia & Talent Ecosystem Conference to further promote innovation in HR & with Game Thinking/ Gamification in the SEA region. In addition, he is familiar with and have used the Stanford school design thinking method in gamification projects.

Gamification project experience:

  • Game Thinking coach in designing with Gamification. The objective of applying Gamification is to maximize the learning effectiveness for classroom training or shorten the duration of classroom training. The journey involves 3 stages – Pre-workshop, workshop and post-workshop. Clients who benefit from this journey design are Khazanah Nasional, Martin Brower, Safilo, OCBC, Pioneer Audio, Legoland, 7-Eleven, Mitsui, Malaysia Airlines Berhad, Firefly, MAS Cargo, Security Commission, Petronas, Coca-Cola, Airfoil, MacroKiosk and etc.
  • Game Thinking coach in designing a 3-day Strategic Management Meeting with Gamification for the top ideas and execute plans for one of the largest telecommunication device producer’s business plan.
  • Game Thinking coach in designing employee experience journey with gamification for Astro and Tealive.
  • Game Thinking coach in applying gamification for events and seminars. The projects includes www.gamethinkingasia.com, talent-ecosystem.com and Singtel (GEIM) Learning Fiesta. The objective is to engage delegates and motivate them to learn and participate in quizzes and assessment.
  • Game Thinking coach in designing engagement loop for a targeted persona to engage and motivate the persona to keep track of doctor’s booking and ensure patients leave reviews after the visit of a healthcare marketplace in
  • Design travel agent experience for the largest travel market place in India, TravelTriagle. The objective is to design the long term engagement and motivation for travel agents in TravelTriangle platform to increase sales conversion & increase effectiveness for completion the system.