ExO Fundamentals The Building Blocks of Exponential Organisations

Discover the 11 attributes to 100x your organisations in today''s digital age


Understanding the framework for organisations to adapt and thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution

ExOs are purpose-driven organizations, deploying ten unique attributes and a Massive Transformative Purpose to develop innovation initiatives for exponential growth. 

The programme will focus on understanding the ten unique attributes and development of a Massive Transformative Purpose.   Using a proven methodology powered by a global ecosystem, OpenExO, the programme will provide all participants with the fundamental understanding of ExO and exponential business model.

OpenExO is the organic evolution of Salim Ismail’s work. He is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations – required reading at the world’s top organizations. Salim is a tech entrepreneur who built and sold his company to Google. He led Yahoo!’s innovation division and was Founding Executive Director at Singularity University, and is the Founder of OpenExO and ExO Works.

The training workshop is designed as a two-day workshop conducted either online or offline, delivering ExO fundamentals to participants to learn Exponential Technologies, Exponential Thinking and ExO Attributes.  The workshop will be a hands-on, activity-based workshop that will take participants through work on a case study to develop ExO Canvas, exponential business model and ExO initiatives.

Participants will review the case study and provide their understanding of the case study and apply what they learn through a series of activities.  At the end of the workshop, participants will be expected to identify opportunities within their respective organizations for exponential transformation


How will our ExO Fundamentals program benefit your organisation?

Guided worksheet

Get access to our customised worksheets developed to help you with a stuctured thinking approach that is repeatable. The worksheets are developed with an aim towards building a holistic strategy for your organisation

Peer-to-peer learning

Our training methodology allows participants to discuss and learn from each other exposing them to new situations and experiences. Learning from other participants will enable access to various viewpoints

Case studies

Using the case study teaching method, participants are exposed to how organisation apply the concepts taught in the program to effective link theory to practice which they can then use for their own organisation

Understand disruptive models

Understand attributes that you need to innovate and develop new business models that are sustainable and align with the environment. Learn about developing businesses for the future

Industry relevant content

Developed in line with changes in the environment, our content are relevant to today's modern businesses. It has been curated through discussion with other experts to ensure it is relevant to today's environment


Building exponential growth organisations

Building an exponential organisations requires an approach that breaks the traditional order of business building.  Our content has been developed through a modular approach which allows you to focus on any one particular area if you wish or to follow a structured approach.  Using relevant case studies, your team will be able to quickly understand the concepts and how it is applied to a particular situation.

Technology has decimated industries, created new business as well as transformed business models.

This module explores the influences of exponential technology and how it can influence the transformation of businesses to grow at an exponential rate.

Moving from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance require a change of perspective and agility in our mindset.

Exponential thinking is an important factor when developing exponential organisations.  Learn how you one can develop an exponential mindet.

Exponential organisations have set of common organizational attributes, which allow them to tap and manage abundances, are called the ExO Attributes and there are eleven of them: Massive Transformative Purpose, Staff on Demand, Community, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, Engagement, Interfaces, Dashboards, Experiments, Autonomy and Social Technologies.

This modules explores the 11 attributes in more depth

The ExO Canvas Worksheet helps visionaries, innovators, top executives and entrepreneurs design highly scalable organizations by leveraging new organizational techniques and accelerating technologies, creating an Exponential Organization (ExO).  ExO Canvas is a unique worksheet which will help you to apply all these attributes to your company. 

A business model essential defines how an organisation makes money by looking at how value gets created and delivered in a company. It is an organized way of laying out assumptions about key resources, partners and activities of your value chain. These include your value proposition, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, cost structures and revenue streams. An exponential business model looks at the same key areas as a traditional business model—but it has radically different goals.

Most business models are linear, designed to increase profits or decrease costs by 10 percent. With an exponential business model, we think in terms of changes that are 10 times greater or lesser than today’s value—the common shorthand for this goal is simply “10X.”

An ExO  initiative unlocks a new business model by leveraging at least one unfair advantage provided by the parent company. Amazon Web Services is a great example, which turned an internal initiative into the source of the majority of the profit for the parent company.  It’s these Edge initiatives that have the potential to drive massive results, but they’re also the hardest for successful organizations to implement because of the “corporate immune system”

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