Building your analytical and problem solving skills

Learn how to analyse problems holistically and build effective decision making skills relevant to the ever changing business environment

Why is our analytical and decision making skills training different from other?

In today’s chaotic and volatile environment, making effective decisions depends on understanding the causal relationships between  various factors.  What was previously apparent as a root cause in a world of scarcity traditionally has evolved in today’s world of abundance. 

Understanding the inter-connectivity between various components of the problem and making effective decisions on a holistic basis will reduce the impact of creating more problems.

Our analytical and problem solving training will provide you a proven method on how to build rich pictures of your problem area and understand the causal loops among the various elements to understand the ‘real’ root cause of your problem

How will our analytical and decision making program benefit your organisation?

This program will provide your team with a proven methodology that will allow them to systematically deconstruct problems and develop effective and workable solutions

Worksheets to guide your thinking

Get access to our customised worksheets developed to help you with a sttuctured thinking approach that is repeatable

Peer-to-peer learning

Our training methodology allows participants to discuss and learn from each other exposing them to new situations and experiences

Industry relevant content

Developed through years of practical experience, our content are relevant to today's business environment

What you will be learning

Our content has been developed through a modular approach which allows you to focus on any one particular area if you wish or to follow the structured approach.  Using relevant case studies, your team will be able to quickly understand the concepts and how it is applied to a particular situation.

We will explain the the concept of holistic thinking and its implication towards critical thinking and analytical thinking.

This helps participants

  • develop a rich picture of the problem scenario
  • understand causal loops and the cause and effect of decisions
  • understand the source of the problem

We will delve deeper into how an individual’s mental model and cognitive biases influences their decision making

Cognitive biases will at times provide a myopic view of the situation leading to wrong solutioning.  Understanding cognitive biases will provide a perspective of how your biases limits you in providing effective solutions

In this module, we will explore how to recognise important patterns occurring within a particular situation and correctly define a problem or opportunity

In this module, we will take you through a step-by-step approach towards analysis and critical thinking using the right tools and worksheets.

This will create a repeatable process on how to solve problems

We will explore various  methods of solutioning and implementation strategies based on analysis of data collected

Collecting and using the right data will ensure that the critical decisions are made correctly

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