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Building a Sustainable Business in the Digital Economy

Learn a step-by-step proven methodology used by the biggest modern companies in the world today


Are you struggling to find new customer?
Feeling lost in trying to grow your business?

Most businesses struggle when trying to grow their business and they are not sure why.  Despite trying various methods, they are unable to replicate their results on a consistent basis and feel helpless when trying to grow their business.

As the business environment continue to evolve on a constant and fast paced basis, businesses who are not able to keep up will fail within two years.

So how do successful companies continue to grow inspite of the challenging conditions?.  What are some of the methods that they use that allows them grow faster than ever among the competitors?

In this specially developed program, find out how these companies are not only able to grow but thrive in the same economic environment that you are also exposed to.  Learn the unique methodology and secrets that they are using to beat their competitors.

You will be exposed to a step-by-step approach to build a sustainable business using a hybrid learning model encompassing online self-learning and live virtual meetings.  You will also be required to apply your learning through a set of specially developed worksheets to develop your business playbook.  

This is a HRDCorp claimable program.


What can you expect from our program?

Guided worksheet

Get access to our CUSTOMISED WORKSHEETS developed to help you with a stuctured approach that is repeatable. The worksheets are developed with an aim towards building a holistic strategy for your organisation

Peer-to-peer learning

Our program allows participants to discuss and learn from each other exposing them to new situations and experiences. Learning from other participants will enable access to various viewpoints


You will be able to participate in a series of LIVE COACHING classes held very two weeks throughout the program where you will be learning new content as well as get live feedback on your work completed


You will have ACCESS TO OVER 25 VIDEOS taking you through concepts and ideas adopted by successful companies. These videos are accessible by you 24x7 throughout the duration of the course

Latest content

Developed in line with changes in the environment, our content are relevant to today's modern businesses. It has been curated through discussion with other experts to ensure it is relevant to today's business environment


Building A Sustainable Business in the Digital Economy

Building a sustainable business today requires an approach that breaks the traditional order of business building.  Our self paced content has been developed through a modular approach which allows you to focus on any one particular area if you wish or to follow a structured approach.  Through the live discussions you will be exposed to new concepts as well as understand how to apply the concepts using  customised worksheets.

Technology has decimated industries, created new business as well as transformed business models.

This module explores the influences of exponential technology and how it can influence the transformation of businesses to grow at an exponential rate.

The modern business environment has evolved due to the digitalization of the economy.  What worked previously does not work today and the concept of business building has changed.  The business environment has moved from the concept of scarcity to the concept of abundance and organizations that are thriving today have found out the secrets to tapping onto abundance

Moving from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance require a change of perspective and agility in our mindset.

It is important to able to know how to scan the market in an abundant world so that your organization is able to quickly adapt and change according to the needs of the consumer.

In the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous) environment, we must be able to identify and tap onto opportunities.  Learn how to tap on identified opportunities to enable you to move faster than your competitor

In today’s abundant environment, the ability to innovate is an important skills that will help you build a sustainable business.  Learn how to develop innovative products through the matching of resources and the environment to identify potential areas of solutioning

Customer development has evolved from the traditional linear method.  Today’s businesses requires a different approach which revolves around finding product market fit before building the business.  One important aspect in the modern business development approach is to have an experimentation mindset and goes through a cycle of hypothesis and validation

This module teaches the participants on the required methodology to building your product market fit

Data collection has become immensely important especially in trying to understand the behaviour of your consumers and building a product that would be able to solve your problem.

Learn about the various data collection approaches so that you will be able to find one that would be suitable for your business

This module takes the participants through a systematic method of eliciting information from your potential customers when interviewing them as part of your discovery stage.  The collection of inaccurate data may lead to incorrect information which makes understanding of this module important.

Learning how to determine and develop your minimum viable product is an important part of building a sustainable business and may prevent you from making a costly mistake.  

Understand some of the important attributes that goes into building an MVP and some of the speedbumps you have to be mindful of.

The approach to marketing has changed tremendously as consumer behaviour evolved.  What has previously been rather straight forward is now becoming very complex as products continue to proliferate the market.  Learn about how the concept of marketing has changed and understand the emergence of growth marketing.

There are differences between unique value propositions and unique selling propositions.  To develop your value proposition, it is important to understand the value perception gap between the you as the service provider and your customers.  Understand how you are able to identify the value perception gap and define your value perception

Not only is it important to understand and clearly define your value proposition, it is equally important that you are able to communicate this value proposition.  Learn how to define your market messages to ensure that your customers understand your value proposition

To add to the complexity of the changing consumer behaviour, it is also important to understand the appropriate channels that you can use to reach your customers.  As the number of communication channels increases, how would you know which channels are most effective.  

Learn about some of the techniques you can use to identify the right channel.

To reach your target customers, you will need to understand your customer journey.  Understanding the customer journey and mapping the right activities and channel is part of the funnel management process.

Learn how to develop an effective funnel management process as well as identify the right measurements to ensure you are moving in the right direction

As you continue to hypothesize and test, you will be deluged with many activities that will need to go through the process of experimentation. 

Learn how you are able to prioritize your testing and ensure you are able to match your resources with your testing

Through understanding your competitors, you will be able to develop a product or service that is uniquely different.  However understanding your competitors is not merely comparing features of your product but you will also need to compare with your competitors from the perspective of your customers.  

This session takes you through the identification of your competitors from the perspective of your customers mastery path

In developing a sustainable business especially in the world of abundance today, it is not enough to have a vision.  Defining the purpose of your organisation is now important to bring in the community and crowd which will help drive business sustainability and direction.  

Learn how you are able to develop your organisation’s purpose

An ExO  initiative unlocks a new business model by leveraging at least one unfair advantage provided by the parent company. Amazon Web Services is a great example, which turned an internal initiative into the source of the majority of the profit for the parent company.  It’s these Edge initiatives that have the potential to drive massive results, but they’re also the hardest for successful organizations to implement because of the “corporate immune system”

Exponential organisations have set of common organizational attributes, which allow them to tap and manage abundances, are called the ExO Attributes and there are eleven of them: Massive Transformative Purpose, Staff on Demand, Community, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, Engagement, Interfaces, Dashboards, Experiments, Autonomy and Social Technologies.

This modules explores the first 5 attributes in more depth

Exponential organisations have set of common organizational attributes, which allow them to tap and manage abundances, are called the ExO Attributes and there are eleven of them: Massive Transformative Purpose, Staff on Demand, Community, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, Engagement, Interfaces, Dashboards, Experiments, Autonomy and Social Technologies.

This modules explores the remaining 5 attributes in more depth

Who is it for?

  • New entrepreneurs who wants to start a business
  • Existing entrepreneurs who wants to grow their business
  • Corporate Entrepreneurs (Intrapreneurs) who is looking at adding value to the company’s objective

Your Lead Instructor

As the lead mentor, Dr Tom has more than 35 years of working experience and more than 15 years of training and coaching experience. He has led teams in leadership and organizational transformation as well as change management as a result of digitization of organisations and have led both local and foreign staff through his exposure working in Malaysia, Thailand and China.  He understands both technology as well as business and is able to synthesize the impact of technology in today’s business. In addition to training corporates, he has also taught thousands of students at the undergraduate and post-graduate level in areas such as strategy management, human resource, information management, marketing, international business, project management.  As part of his 35 years, he has been involved in corporate training, coaching and lecturing for more than 15 years and has developed key programs that are fundamental to organisational development in the areas of system thinking, e-commerce, e-business as well as IT and business strategies and has trained organisations like MAGIC, SME Corp, Greenpacket, MYNIC, XL Axiata Indonesia, MDEC, Columbia Hospital, Telekom Malaysia and many others.

His experiences has led him to be selected as a business coach for the Malaysian Innovation Foundation as well as the United Nations Capital Development Fund where he coaches grass roots entrepreneurs on the commercialisation of their products. He is also selected as a coach by MDEC for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation) and is one of three people selected by British Computer Society and working with MDEC to be an external assessor for Computational Thinking.  He completed his Doctorate of Business Administration from University of Newcastle, Australia specialising in online consumer behaviour in 2010 and holds a Certification on ‘Case Study Teaching Method’ taught by Harvard Business School and organized by Harvard Business Publishing and Indian Institute of Management.  He is also a Certified GrowthX Instructor, Certified ExO Consultant, Certified ExO Trainer and Certified Game Thinking Coach with all certification from Silicon Valley, USA.  

Dr Tom also currently acts as the Academic Advisor for SME Association Academy as well as plays an advisory role for SEATECH Ventures Corp, a company listed on the OTC market in the USA.

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